Alicia Schatteman: Nonprofit Scholar

Researcher, Educator, Speaker

Archive of Activities


March 25, 2014:  Online column for PA Times "The Call of the Wild:  Public Service for Today's Young Adults"

April 12, 2014: City of Elgin Volunteer Palooza, presentation on volunteer management slides

May 9, 2014:  Graduate Awards Day and Commencement, NIU

May 10, 2014:  Undergraduate Commencement at NIU

May 12-14, 2014:  Do Good Data Conference, Data Analysts for Social Good, Chicago, IL

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May 27, 2014 article "Show Me the Money:  The Uneasy Financial Relationship Between Government and Nonprofit Organizations" PA Times Online

May 31, 2014:  Strategic Planning Session, Gracie Center

June 2, 2014:  Volunteer Institute for the American Fraternal Alliance, Naperville, IL

June 5, 2014:  Teaching with Technology Institute, NIU

June 11, 2014:  Strategic Planning Session, DeKalb Public Library newspaper story: DeKalb Daily Chronicle

June 13, 2014:  Strategic Planning Session, KEYS Initiative, DeKalb County

July 22, 2014 PA Times online column published "The Business of Government Today: Public, Private or Nonprofit Providers?"

August 27, 2014:  Online column "We Need An App For That: Comparing Municipal Performance, Lessons From Canada" published PA Times Online

September 11, 2014:  National Day of Service

September 17, 2014:  NGOLD/DCNP Breakfast Series presentation "Recruiting and Retaining Millennial Volunteers" Worksheets PPT Slides (PDF)

October 2-4, 2014:  ABFM Annual Conference, Grand Rapids, Michigan Presentation "Philanthropy Supporting Government: An Analysis of Local Library Funding" with Ben Bingle

October 24, 2014:  presenting at the Illinois Township Academy, workshop on "Strategic Communications for Public Administrators", Naperville, IL slides

October 26, 2014: Social Justice Conference at NIU "The Economics of Poverty" slides

October 28, 2014:  PA Times Online column "Nature vs. Nurture: The Importance of Civics Education"

November 15, 2014:  National Philanthropy Day

November 17-23, 2014:  Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week at NIU

November 20-22, 2014:  ARNOVA Annual Conference, Denver, Colorado

December 3, 2014:  Workshop "Fundraising & Financial Management for Nonprofits" NIU Naperville. Register here

December 10, 2014: Workshop "Executive Director 101 - Nuts and Bolts" NIU Hoffman Estates.  Register here


January 7, 2015 Webinar for Illinois CASA "What’s Your Role? Authority and Responsibility of New Board Members and Executive Directors"

January 12, 2015 Rochelle Community Hospital Foundation, Board Development, Facilitator slides

Spring 2015 Nonprofit Know Your Numbers Workshop Series:  9:00 - Noon, DeKalb County Community Foundation, Sycamore. Download flyer.  $30 for DCNP members, $75 for first-time attendees. Discounted pricing only available until January 9, 2015. Register here.  January 23, 2015, Know your Numbers: People SLIDES; February 20, 2015, Know Your Numbers: Finances; 
March 13, 2015, Know Your Numbers: Program Effectiveness; April 24, 2015, Know Your Numbers: Communicate Your Numbers

March 6-10, 2015 ASPA Annual Conference, Chicago, IL Paper "When Doing Good Isn't Good Enough:  Performance Reporting of Nonprofit Organizations" SLIDES

March 11, 2015, Webinar for Illinois CASA "Developing a Revenue Strategy: Beyond the Special Event"

March 13, 2015, 8:30am to noon Nonprofit Workshop,  Civic Leadership Academy Workshop, Part 1 AM, Part 2 PM, Register here. $75 Location: NIU Naperville

Celebrate Women's History Month:  Download slides on "Women and Philanthropy:  Trends and Tips"

April 15, 2015, 8:30 am - noon, "Social Media - Connecting Government and Constituents:  Part I" Cost: $90 Register here

April 22, 2015, 1:00-4:30 pm, "Social Media - Connecting Government and Constituents: Part II" Cost: $90 Register here 

April 25, 2015 Talk "Know Your Nonprofit Numbers:  People" Elgin Volunteer Palooza SLIDES

April 30-May 1, 2015 "Do Good Data Conference" Chicago

May 2, 2015 Nonprofit Technology Showcase, presented by CLCE 350 Students, open and free to the public

May 5, 2015 Give Local DeKalb County

May 14, 2015 "Nonprofit-Government Partnerships and Contracts: Challenges and Opportunities of Working Together" Register here. $90 Location: NIU Naperville

May 16 and May 30, 2015, 9am to 3pm "Fundraising for Nonprofits". NIU Naperville Cost: $250 Register here

May 21, 2015 "Why You Should Worry About Mission Drift", DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership workshop, Location: Sycamore  SLIDES

May 23 and June 13, 2015, 9am to 3pm each day "Advocacy for Nonprofit Organizations", NIU Naperville Cost: $250 Register here

June 6 and June 20, 9am to 3pm each day "Grant Writing", NIU Naperville Cost: $250 Register here

June 9, 2015, 9am-noon "Fundraising and Financial Management for Nonprofits" workshop. Location: NIU Naperville Cost: $90 Register here

July 29, 2015 DeKalb County Nonprofit Day, DeKalb, IL

August 4 "Webinar" for the American Fraternal Alliance

August 13 NTEN Lab Chicago

August 14 MPA New Student Orientation at NIU

August 21 Workshop "Fundraising and Financial Management for Nonprofits" for the NIU Civic Leadership Academy held at Prairie State College

August 24 NIU Classes begin!

September 11-12 Science of Philanthropy Initiative, University of Chicago

September 25: Facilitate strategic planning for the NIU Center for Governmental Studies

September 29 Talk and Luncheon with Dan Palotta hosted by the Northern Illinois Center for Nonprofit Excellence, tickets here

October 1-3  ABFM Conference, Washington, DC

October 5: Facilitate strategic planning for the City of Rochelle, IL

October 9 workshop "Performance Management for Local Governments", NIU Township Academy, NIU Naperville

November 4: Leading the Way:  Board's Role in Strategic Planning, for the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership, Sycamore, IL

November 6:   How to be an Effective Support Volunteer or Volunteer Leader for the IGFOA Volunteer Training and Leadership Development Seminar , Lisle, IL 

November 11:  facilitate book club of the Legacy Project, Itasca Village Hall

November 16:  DeKalb Arts Summit, meeting at the Egyptian Theatre to launch the DeKalb Area Arts Council

November 18-21:  ARNOVA Annual Conference, Chicago, IL

November 30:  Meetup to talk Nonprofit Data, Goodwill, DeKalb, IL

December 2:  Mission Workshop, DeKalb County Mental Health Board


Jan. 4 DeKalb Area Arts Council Board Meeting, Egyptian Theatre

Jan. 12 Facilitate strategic planning session for the NIU Department of Accountancy

Jan. 14 Facilitate meeting of youth service providers, DeKalb County Community Foundation

Jan. 15 NIU Department of Public Administration welcomes new incoming class of MPA students

Jan. 18 Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Day of Service

Jan. 21 Facilitate strategic planning session for the DeKalb County Convention and Visitor Bureau, DeKalb, IL

Jan. 25 Nonprofit Performance MeetUp, Goodwill, Annie Glidden Road, DeKalb, IL

Feb. 1 DeKalb Area Arts Council Board Meeting, Egyptian Theatre 

Feb. 5: Presenter for "Using Social Media for Faculty" at NIU

Feb. 8: Board meeting of the NIU Anthropology Museum, strategic planning consultation

Feb. 10: Presenter "Serving Democracy: Nonprofits' Roles in Voter Engagement" New Ideas in Social Studies and History: Elections and Issues, conference for educators at NIU SLIDES

Feb. 15:  Board meeting of the Genoa Public Library, strategic planning consultation

Feb. 20: Facilitator for DeKalb County Community Gardens, strategic planning board retreat

Mar. 3-4: Facilitator for Alliance of Illinois Community Foundations, strategic planning retreat in Springfield, IL

March 21 (9:30-11am):  MeetUp "Nonprofit Data and Performance" at Goodwill, DeKalb 

March 30: Executive Director 101 Workshop, Giving DuPage, Wheaton, IL, offered by the Civic Leadership Academy SLIDES Part 1  Part 2

April 4: Know Your Numbers: Finances Workshop, Giving DuPage, Wheaton, IL, offered by the Civic Leadership Academy

April 10: Strategic Planning Retreat for Safe Passage, DeKalb

April 10-16: National Volunteer Week

April 15:  NIU MPA Comprehensive Exam Presentations, Hoffman Estates

April 29: Money Smart Presentation "How to Select Worthy Nonprofit OrganizationsSLIDES PDF

May 2:  Know Your Numbers: Financial Efficiency Workshop, Giving DuPage, Wheaton, IL offered by the Civic Leadership Academy, SLIDES PDF

May 3:  Give Local DeKalb County

May 11:  Nonprofit Board Training for McDonald's Corporation, Oak Brook, IL

April 29: Money Smart Presentation "How to Select Worthy Nonprofit OrganizationsSLIDES PDF

May 2:  Know Your Numbers: Financial Efficiency Workshop, Giving DuPage, Wheaton, IL offered by the Civic Leadership Academy, SLIDES PDF

May 3:  Give Local DeKalb County

May 11:  Nonprofit Board Training for McDonald's Corporation, Oak Brook, IL

May 16:  Know Your Numbers: Program Workshop, Giving DuPage, Wheaton, IL offered by the Civic Leadership Academy  SLIDES

May 17: Strategic Planning Retreat, NIU Campus Dining Services

May 19: Strategic Planning Retreat, NIU Pick Museum of Anthropology

May 19:  Solidifying Your Donor Base, DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership

May 20:  Legacy Conference for women in local government, NIU Naperville

May 22:  Genoa Public Library, community focus group, 1-3pm

June 2-4: Midwest Public Affairs Conference, Columbus, Ohio  "Government Funding and Performance Measurement" SLIDES

June 6: Speaker on Volunteer Management, 2016 Prairie States Animal Welfare Conference

July 27:  Nonprofit Day in DeKalb County - 5 Key Nonprofit Financial Ratios

July 29:  Strategic Planning Board Retreat, DeKalb County Mental Health Board

August 6:  Lillian Gilbreth lecture for Lifelong Learning Institute at Waubonsee Community College, Sugar Grove, IL

August 12:  NIU MPA Golf Outing, Barlett Hills Golf Club

August 15:  Incoming NIU MPA Class Orientation

August 23:  Safe Passage Strategic Planning Board Retreat

September 12:  Macon County Community Foundation Strategic Planning Board Retreat

September 14-October 12:  Know Your Nonprofit Number Series, Giving DuPage

September 19:  Workshop "Performance Measures of High-Impact Nonprofits" for Forefront, Decatur IL PDF of slides

September 26: ICMA National Conference, presenter "Local Government Funding of Human Service Organizations", Kansas City, MO

September 28: Nonprofit Data and Performance Meetup, 9:30-11am, Goodwill in DeKalb, IL

September 30:  Presentations "Ethics are Everyone's Job" sponsored by the AFP Rockford Chapter, and the Northern Illinois Planned Giving Council, Rockford, IL PDF of Slides

October 10:  CASA DeKalb County, Strategic Planning Board Retreat

October 27:  Nonprofit Data and Performance Meetup, 3:30-5:00pm, NIU Naperville campus


Jan. 11:  New MPA Student Orientation
Jan. 12:  Moderating City of Aurora's mayoral debate at the Aurora Public Library
Jan. 27:  Book discussion of "Breaking Through Bias: Communication Techniques for Women to Succeed at Work" by the Legacy Project, moderated by Dr. Alicia Schatteman, Warrenville, IL FREE but register here 

March 21:  Podcast released, interviewed by Jacob Lawrence , check out his other podcast guests from government and nonprofit sectors at  
March 27-29:  NASPAA Site Visit Team to Cleveland State University
April 3:  NIU Economic Development Conference

April 6:  Executive Director 101 Workshop, Civic Leadership Academy, Center for Governmental Studies SLIDES
April 7:  NIU CAUSE Summit
May 3:  Volunteer Management Workshop for Forefront in Springfield, IL
May 4:  Give DeKalb County
May 19:  Legacy Project Conference, NIU Naperville
June 1-3:  Midwest Public Affairs Conference, Omaha, Nebraska
June 5-7:  Midwest Campus Compact conference, Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois
June 13:  Workshop for Forefront in Galesburg, Illinois
June 12: Web Tools for Nonprofits, Workshop for the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership

June 15:  Nonprofit Funders Panel, West Suburban Philanthropic Network, NIU Naperville

July 26:  Speaker at DeKalb County Nonprofit Day
August 4-8: Speaker at the Academy of Management Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA
August 16:  NIU MPA Fall Student Orientation
September 7:  Facilitating strategic planning board retreat for the City of St. Charles 708 Mental Health Board
September 12: PSPA 301 Class volunteers at the Communiversity Gardens
September 13:  Presenting webinar on "Nonprofit Purpose" for the NIU Civic Leadership Academy
September 18: Presenting on "Nonprofit Performance Management" for the NIU Civic Leadership Academy and Giving DuPage
September 29-30:  Facilitating Board Retreat for Oak Crest Retirement Center
October 2:  Facilitating strategic planning board retreat for the Voluntary Action Center, Sycamore
October 4:  Presenting webinar for the NIU Civic Leadership Academy
October 10:  World Mental Health Day
October 11-13: Speaker at NASPAA Annual Conference, Washington, DC
October 18-19:  Presenting at Illinois Nonprofit Conference, Springfield, IL on "Communicating Your Nonprofit's Impact"
November 6:  Presenting webinar for the NIU Civic Leadership Academy
November 16-18:  Speaker at ARNOVA Annual Conference, Grand Rapids, MI
December 6:  Presenting webinar for the NIU Civic Leadership Academy